Offshore and Deepwater Drilling Operations: Jakarta, Kawasan Komersial Cilandak, Senin, 21. Oktober 2019

Course overview
This introductory course outlines the delivery of complex deepwater drilling projects. It further explores why project management and a multidisciplinary approach is essentialto a project's success. The course enables participants to develop the knowledge and skills to design, engineer and apply a practical approach to a deepwater project's drilling operations success.
A practical and participative course that shall enable a multidisciplinary project team to develop the skillsand knowledge to design, engineer and safely drill a deepwater well.
The course is designed for
A practical and participative course that shall enable a multidisciplinary project team to develop the skillsand knowledge to design, engineer and safely drill a deepwater well.
Course objectives

Deliver the awareness required for a multidisciplinary team's skills-set to be developed to enable the practical design, engineering and safe drilling operation of a deepwater well.
Develop the knowledge required to recognize and analyze the difficulties, challenges and opportunities that exist in deepwater drilling, design, execution and how to mitigate operations risks to as low as reasonably practicable
Equip participants with the required tools to evaluate, organize, plan, implement and control a deepwater well's drilling operating process from the project start to its end
Know the drilling differences between normal offshore and deepwater wells
Develop a wider skill to deliver a deepwater well's safe drilling and operational requirements
Enabled to label and identify key project hazards and risks presented within deepwater drilling, and have the knowledge to practice, control and mitigate the operating conditions and contingencies required
Develop the knowledge to adapt the technologies best suited for deepwater drilling operations

Course outline
Deepwater Fundamentals, Essentials
DW Essentials and differences

Definitions, environments
Delivering deepwater projects
Well design, engineering and operations
Media files 'Deepwater drilling'

DW Project Standards, Rules, Regulations

Deepwater trends and drivers
Project management essentials
Control and metric principles

DW Rigs, equipment, systems

Rigs, equipment challenges and selection
Pipe handling systems, station keeping
Riser compensation, tensioning systems
Subsea BOP and auxiliary equipment
Marine systems, supply and logistics chain
Media files supplement in this session

DW Geology and geoscience

Deepwater geoscience environments
Deepwater geoscience hazards
Pressure, stability, wellbore management

DW Design, SSBOP, Riser and Subsea Equipment
Deepwater structural string design

Structural string design
Wellhead and structural string guidelines
Worked examples and case studies

Deepwater Riserless Drilling

Riserless convention and non-convention
Shallow hazard prediction and mitigation
Deepwater riserless drilling, with worked examples and case studies
Media files supplement in this session

DW Subsea Capital Equipment

Diverters and marine risers
Riser and associated components
BOP and wellhead integrated design
Media files supplement in this session

DW Conductor, Wellhead, SSBOP/Riser design

Drilling riser and wellhead equipment
Riser behavior, Operating criteria
Riser analysis, Case study examples

Deepwater Well Construction, Management
Deepwater casing, tubular design. well integrity

Deepwater casing design
Annular pressure build up and wellhead growth
Worked examples
Well integrity failure prevention and mitigation
Case studies

Deepwater Pressure and Stability Management

Pressure prediction and detection
Pressure Management in deepwater
Wellbore stability management
Media files supplement in this session

Deepwater Drilling & Cementing

Deepwater drilling fluids

Water based, oil based
Solutions and application

Deepwater cementing

Cementing technologies
Solutions and application
Media files supplement in this session

Deepwater Situational Problems Hazards, Risks

Labelling deepwater drilling problems
Problem solving, risk management and decision making. Case studies, examples
Contingency and response management

DW Well Integrity, Control, Assurance
Well control 'level 1' assurance management

Primary 'level 1 Deepwater well control'
Standard operating procedures
Best practices, Competency training

Deepwater Secondary 'level 2' well control

'Level 2' Deepwater well control
Non-standard operating procedures
Best practices, Competency training

Deepwater 'level 3' well control

Learning from DW well control failures
Macondo investigative media file
'Level 3' Emergency contingency response

Deepwater Well Control Group exercise

Deepwater level 1, 2 & 3 case studies, individual and work group exercises

Deepwater Technology, Well AbandonmentDeepwater Adaptive technologies

What technologies are for DW?
Review of adaptive DW technologies
Technology applications.
What's the future for deepwater?

Deepwater Well Abandonment

Well integrity assurance in suspension and abandonment
Suspending deep-water wells
Temporary abandonment
Permanent abandonment
Case study examples

Course terms and conditions

Senin, 21. Oktober 2019, Kawasan Komersial Cilandak, Offshore and Deepwater Drilling Operations: Jakarta

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