Global Agensi Imigrasi Investment (U.S and EU and Asia), Jakarta, Kamis, 01. November 2018

Iklan ads and GII Global Investment Immigration has offering presentation of  the agency for partnership to join for global invesment immigration opportunity
Top reasons for migration:

Education and future of children

Safety of women & children


Fear of Government

Ownership of property

The GII has a three years and one year contract for partnership to help high end client for global investment immigration
The contract  individual agencies is 3 year is $US1500 and for One year is $US700. Please join us as soon as possible as we have selected the best candidate.
You can transfer to BCA 
Indrajana a.n: 2533989870 for Rp 3,750,000 write text for one year subcription for passive member

Advisor GII
M. Indrajana

Kamis, 01. November 2018, Jakarta, Global Agensi Imigrasi Investment (U.S and EU and Asia)

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