Data Monetisation - Transforming Big Data into Big Value, JW Marriott Hotel, Rabu, 13. November 2019

Data Monetisation - Transforming Big Data into Big Value
Uncovering new value of data for FSIs in the world of big data
In the era of intelligence, data is the most critical asset, delivering advantages for organisations that harness it.
Following the rollout of Open Banking regulations in the UK and the launch of the EU’s Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2), countries across the Asia-Pacific region are following suit to establish their own frameworks to enable banks to share select customer data with third-party providers (TPPs), and TPPs to run transactions on customer accounts.
As the trend of Open Banking take hold – of the unbundling and re- bundling of the value chain of financial services so that products, services, data, and functionalities can be consumed and provided for by third parties – banks will become increasingly adept at data monetisation.
The question is, has your organisation -

Been able to use data to find new business models and revenue opportunities yet


Have started pushing the envelope on how to monetise data and create incentives for customers to generate more


Leveraging this advantage so as not to lose the customers to these third-party companies

It is never an easy task to generate new value from the data and create a new data driven value chain. Sometimes it requires huge changes of breaking the original way how the business generate and consume data, restructuring the business structure and more to win in the world of big data.
OpenGov is pleased to bring an exclusive Tech day toequip you to catch up with this rising wave.
The unique proposition of this OpenGov Tech Day is the integration of GAMIFICATION, our hugely popular scenario-based approach to learning.
You will be learning while playing, gaining new and unique insights while having fun!
OpenGov Tech Day sessions are concise, to the point, strategic level discussions designed to bring learning within a short span of 3 hours!
This unique session will also present you the latest research and real-time case studies of data monetisation. Gamification session will equip you with the following:

The emergence of data monetisation in APAC: Benchmark where you are and where to go
How analytics will take your FSI business towards a data-driven business
Exploring the opportunities of leveraging AI to understand customer behaviour better
Ensuring a robust infrastructure technology in place to lay the solid foundation for your data monetisation strategy
Gaining insights into opportunities of leveraging AI to understand and predict customer behaviour more effectively
Understanding the infrastructure technology needed to lay the solid foundation for your data and AI strategy

This is a closed-door, invitation-only, interactive session with Indonesia’s top financial institutions and industry experts.

Who Should Attend: 

Data Scientists
Data Architects
Data Stewards
Heads of Data Management
Heads of IT
Heads of IT Strategy
Head of IT Operations
Heads of Digital and Partnerships
Cloud Architects
Solution Architects

Rabu, 13. November 2019, JW Marriott Hotel, Data Monetisation - Transforming Big Data into Big Value

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