3-day Color Management and Printmaking Workshop (Advanced)(Jakarta), Primaimaging Studio Rental, Rabu, 04. Desember 2019

3-day Color Management and Printmaking Workshop for Photographers (Advanced) (Jakarta)
Prima Imaging and Eizo monitors is bringing Printmaker James Tan to Jakarta for the first time to conduct a 3-day Advanced Digital Printmaking workshop.
James went into printmaking during the peak of his commercial photography career in 2007 when he joined the Master Photographers Association (MPA), because he realised the impending skillset gap as the entire photography industry makes the switch to being digital-based. Suddenly, the start-to-finish photography workflow which used to involve many different specialists became the job of the photographers themselves. Thus James spent the last 12 years accumulating knowledge and experience in color management and printing to help fellow professionals guard against dropping product quality due to workflow problems.
His quest has always been to create excellent prints that can bring out the best of an image, and that goal has lead him to be recognised as one of the best printmakers in the region. He has been entrusted to handle critical and high profile images, be technical consultant in various fields to the government and a university lecturer to help raise the next generation of imaging professionals.
In this workshop James will be focusing on helping intermediate-to-advanced photographers understand the deeper workings of the digital workflow, spot gaps in current workflows, reinforce the foundations of the craft, and how to create a finished print of their images.
Workshop proudly supported by Eizo, ILFORD, and Prima Imaging
Workshop detailsMinimum 6 participants to start, Limited to 10 participants

Agenda breakdown:
Day 1:

Understanding the full photography workflow
Foundational concepts of photographic imaging – Traditional vs Digital
What is Colour management – Theory and application
Hands-on calibration of monitors
Understanding visual storytelling

 Day 2:

Workspace setup
Photographers’ editing workflow
Mastering the in-depth workings of Photoshop
Recognising and rectifying common mistakes of image editing

Day 3:

Paper and Printer
The creative crafting process
Making the print

Participant Requirements:


Laptop capable of image editing
CaptureOne or Lightroom
Mouse or tablet (whichever you’re comfortable with)


Knowledge of basic photoshop functions (Histogram, levels, curves, sharpening, Hue&Saturation..)
Images to print

Your own images, in both RAW and Processed versions
Preferably higher than 12megapixels
The more images the better

See you there!

Rabu, 04. Desember 2019, Primaimaging Studio Rental, 3-day Color Management and Printmaking Workshop (Advanced)(Jakarta)

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